Vancouver police say regional team created to tackle escalating violence

Another two known gang members were killed in a targeted shooting yesterday, just hours before the Vancouver Police Department announced the creation of a regional gang task force to deal with the escalating violence.



The city’s latest victims were murdered in their car in south Vancouver at 2:15 a.m. yesterday, the third fatal gang-related shooting in less than a week.


Vancouver Deputy Chief Doug LePard said the increasing violence necessitates a regional response team in addition to the Lower Mainland Integrated Gang Task Force.

"We think that enough is enough," he said.

"(Gang members) have absolutely no regard for the safety of everyone else."

Vancouver Deputy Police Chief Bob Rich said the in-your-face force will confront known gang members and track them at their hangouts and homes.

"We are reallocating our own patrol resources," he said, adding that this is the department’s top priority. "We are overwhelmed with the number of people out there who are involved in drug trafficking."

Rich added the proliferation of high-quality handguns coming to Vancouver from the United States is a major problem.

Since one gang shooting in August, Rich said police have been seizing about a gun a day and that the weapons are of a higher quality than they have been before.