Since she was six years old, Katrina Tuttle knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. Now at the ripe old age of 21, her eponymous clothing line is two years old and about to take stage on the catwalks of LG Fashion Week in Toronto.

This fashion week is a big move for Tuttle. Based out of Halifax, she is looking to expand her brand into the rest of Canada. “It’s really exciting,” says Tuttle. “It’s a great opportunity to show the line and get more exposure.”

LG Fashion Week by L’Oreal Paris is Canada’s largest fashion week, featuring 32 Canadian designers, running from Monday to Saturday in Toronto.

Tuttle began her training at six years old with a how-to book and help from family. She began making her own patterns and designs, and once she turned 18 Katrina Tuttle became a brand name. As a self-taught designer, she is involved with her designs every step of the way, even taking her own photos and styling her model’s hair

Well-known in Halifax for her unique and careful designs, Tuttle uses raw silk, wool and organza to create feminine pieces. She’ll be taking the opportunity while in Toronto to start looking for prospective buyers and boutiques in order to bring her line further west.

“”I’m looking to expand the line,” says Tuttle. “I’m showing the line across Canada, and in boutiques in Toronto.”

Tuttle is already planning a trip back to Toronto to show her upcoming fall line.

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