An online search of any major North American city will yield a flood of blogs, advertise­ments, and diarists’ musings.

A Google search of Vancouver alone yields 87 million hits. Narrow it down to “Vancouver dining” and you still get 8.3 million responses. To help sort through this wealth of material, a pair of New Yorkers have created Moebii, a website that aggregates recent travel journalism and employs a user-rating system to keep its content current and on point.

A search of Vancouver on Moebii at yields a manageable 35 stories published since 2007, from sources like the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and


Moebii is also a good source for content that lets you get a feel for a place. A search of Varanasi, the sacred Hindu city on the Ganges River, pulls up only 13 entries, but many of them are thoughtful meditations that explore the meaning and the feel of the place.

What you’re unlikely to find on Moebii: restaurant and hotel reviews, travel directions, weather, and other nuts and bolts of seeing a new place.

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