The New York Times will increase spending on coverage of President-elect Donald Trump's administration while cutting its overall budget this year, according to a blog post by its editors on Tuesday.


The budget cuts, which will be laid out in coming weeks and months, will focus on editing and production systems, rather than on resources for journalism, according to the post by Dean Baquet, executive editor, and Joe Kahn, managing editor.


"To that end, you should know the company is investing more than ever in accountability journalism," the blog post said.


The company is going to allocate an additional $5 million to produce more coverage of the incoming Trump administration, according to the blog post.


The New York Times is increasing its spending of coverage of Trump as he has often attacked the New York Times and other media outlets, accusing them of reporting on false information.

Last week at his first formal press conference since he won the Nov. 8 election, Trump refused to take a CNN reporter's questions, calling the outlet "fake news," after it reported on the existence of unverified intelligence documents concerning Trump.

At the same press conference, Trump referred to Buzzfeed, which published the dossier of documents online, as a "failing pile of garbage."