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Italian tourist caught in crossfire of Staten Island shooting

A man was on his way to a Staten Island museum when he heard the gunfire begin.
(Photo via Max Pixel)
(Photo via Max Pixel)

A tourist from Italy never imagined his trip to a museum would result in a gunshot wound.

Shots rang out on Sunday around 1 p.m. when Marino Stocco, 57, was sitting on a bench at Jersey Street and Crescent Avenue.

"I heard 'pow, pow, pow!' I thought it was like some fireworks or whatever. So when I bend down and look out the window, I see a lot of kids running," local resident Tysnon Adams told ABC7.

According to police, Stocco wasn’t a target; he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is in the city on a temporary work visa and was about to visit a nearby museum on Tompkins Avenue when the chaos began.

Authorities said that Stocco had seen two individuals running just before the time he was shot. By then, Stocco was already making his way to the museum, unaware he’d become the victim of the violence. It was reported that several shots were fired.

Stocco was treated at an area hospital for the injury, which was not life threatening.