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A new report has uncovered the tipping habits, restaurant trends and restaurant pet peeves most common to different American cities, and it finds that the dining landscape has plenty of similarities but some remarkable differences.

American restaurant culture is evolving differently across the nation’s major cities, according to the findings in a new Zagat report. Some trends indicate real differences in taste and expectations as diners reveal where they are most similar and most different.

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When it comes to tipping, Americans leave an average 18.9 percent gratuity, with Boston leaving the most generous tips at 20 percent, Zagat stated, adding that residents of San Antonio average the lowest tips, at 17.1 percent.


Overall restaurant prices vary even more noticeably, with New York City residents spending an average of $48.44 to eat out, a full $12.14 over the national average of $36.30, Zagat reported. Dinners in Detroit cost the least, with an average price of $28.77.

Specific to diners’ pet peeves, 32 percent of New Yorkers dislike noise the most, while 30 percent of Bostonians agree that noise is their biggest complaint when it comes to eating out.

Angelenos eat out the most frequently, with the average L.A. resident dining on the town more than five times per week, Zagat stated. At the other end of the spectrum, Boston has the country’s least frequent diners, with the average Bostonian eating out less than four times per week.

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Something that seems we can all agree on: Americans love Italian food. A full 22 percent said it was their favorite cuisine.