Police issue warning after homeless man attacked

Calgary cops are warning newcomers to the city to have a place to stay lined up before coming after a brutal attack on a newcomer with no place to stay.

The 46-year-old man originally from Ontario arrived in the city from Vancouver on the weekend. He was sleeping under a tree near the Greyhound Bus depot when he was beaten early Monday morning.


Det. Len Dafoe told reporters the senseless act of violence is an unfortunate reminder to people thinking of travelling to an unfamiliar city.

"Before you come here have a plan or some sort of place to stay. Don’t just expect to show up here and stay at the Hyatt," Dafoe said.

The attack on the man, who remains in hospital unable to speak and no witnesses have yet to come forward, is the second in March.

Earlier this month, 18-year-old Jordan Kiklas and his brother came to Calgary from Ontario to work, and within a week Kiklas was attacked as he tried to stop a fight. He suffered head injuries and was hospitalized in a coma.

"It’s a city of a million plus people and it has the dynamics of a city with a million plus people. It’s not the place (it used to be)," Dafoe responded when asked if Calgary is becoming a dangerous place after dark.

Tourism Calgary president and CEO Alex Graham told Metro while the city has seen unprecedented growth the past years and more crime, he doesn’t feel it will negatively impact the city.

"Calgary has a great reputation and a lot of people choose to visit and live here. It’s definitely grown and is a big city now and we’re seeing the same problems that other big cities around the world see," Graham said.

Calgary Drop-In Centre director of programs Linda McLean has some advice for people coming to the city.

"It’s practical when coming to a new city to have a plan in place because it can be very challenging. Even without the physical tragedy we saw this week there are other challenges as well," she said.