Here is a perfect example of a man who can't control himself when a news reporter delivers a live report wearing a bikini.

Recently, Fox News reporter Anna Gilligan ventured out to Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey to try out their new Tarzan rope swing and she was leered at on live television and was the recipient of inappropriate comments by Good Day New York anchor Greg Kelly.

Before grabbing the rope of the Tarzan ride Gilligan says, “I don’t know which is scarier, the ride of taking off my clothes.” Apparently, she wasn't aware the scariest part of this experience was to experience the chauvinistic remarks from Kelly.


After she took the plunge and got out the water, Kelly continued with his remarks by saying "nice bathing suit" and asking her why she was so out of breath (after swinging from a rope, swimming and climbing out of the water). Kelly's co-anchor Rosanna Scotto did her best to try and keep him in check, but the inappropriate anchor just couldn't control himself.

In case you were wondering, Greg Kelly is the son of former NYPD police commissioner and was involved in a rape allegation.

Keep it classy, Fox.

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