It’s horrible to consider — a plane crash wipes out an entire NHL team — but the league has thought about it nonetheless.

That’s why the league requires teams to have a $1-million (all figures US) insurance policy on each player, one of the provisos in the NHL bylaws made public over the weekend in court filings regarding the bankruptcy of the Phoenix Coyotes.

If a team is left with fewer than 14 players and one goaltender following some sort of catastrophe, the league sets in motion its Emergency Rehabilitation Plan.

First, the “disabled team” would be allowed to negotiate to buy players under contract from other teams, with payment coming from the insurance money.


If that didn’t fill out the roster, a draft would be held, much like an expansion draft. Teams could protect 10 players and one goalie.

The disabled team would be allowed to take no more than one player from each of the other teams. The price for each player is $1 million in insurance money.

Other league bylaws

• Any league member who has “willfully breached” the league’s constitution, bylaws, rules or collective bargaining agreement can be fined $1 million.

• Team officials face a $150,000 fine for making “detrimental” comments regarding expansion.

• Team officials face a $250,000 fine for publicly disclosing the league’s position on collective bargaining with the players’ union.

• Teams face a $1-million fine for offering bonus money to players outside their contracts.

• Any member of a team who conspires to lose can be fined, suspended or expelled from the league.

• Betting on hockey by players, officials, team executives and league staff is prohibited.

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