CALGARY - Former Edmonton Oilers captain Jason Smith faces charges of domestic assault and confinement after an incident in Calgary earlier this summer.

The Calgary Police Service confirmed Thursday that Smith was arrested after police were called to his southwest Calgary home Aug. 10 at 8 p.m.

Smith, 36, is charged with assaulting his wife and daughter and faces another count of confining his wife. His case goes to court Sept. 17.

The former player's lawyer cautioned against "jumping to conclusions."

"The charges, read strictly, just like all criminal law seem cold and conjure up all sorts of images that the public may want to embellish upon," said lawyer Alain Hepner. "That's the way it is, especially with people with some notoriety.

"There's two sides of the story and we'll deal with it at the appropriate time. ... Everybody wants the best for Jason and the family."

Smith was released on $1,000 bail and the conditions he have no contact with his wife, two daughters or his wife's parents in Strathmore, Alta. He was granted one exception to send his daughter a birthday card, according to court documents.

Smith is also not allowed to return to his other house in Greely, Ont. — a suburb of Ottawa. He was also ordered not to consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances, or be in possession of weapons.

Smith, who was born in Calgary, spent eight seasons with the Oilers and also played for New Jersey, Toronto, Philadelphia and Ottawa during his 15 years in the NHL.

His last season was 2008-09 in Ottawa. Smith announced his retirement Sept. 2, 2009, after compiling 41 goals, 128 assists and 1,099 penalty minutes in 1,008 games.

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