Transportation woes are part and parcel with growth, as a community like Panorama Hills will attest.
Sure, there’s plenty of green space and leisure opportunity and it’s a good thing there’s a lot to look at because getting around is providing plenty of time for perusing the northwest landscape.

“In a city that has been growing as quickly as Calgary has, there’s plenty of transportation challenges and Panorama is right up there in that regard,” said Ward 3 Ald. Jim Stevenson. “They’ve got ring road going in to the north of them and, of course, just the landscape and ravine and escarpment, so it’s going to be a little difficult until access gets flowing properly to north of ring road.”

Mobility might be an issue now, but Stevenson hopes that will change this fall when all the upscale, young community’s roads are back in action.


Young and affluent, Pan-orama Hills has a very active sporting community, said Northern Hills Community Association sport committee director Greg Spero, but given its location, residents have to travel to other neighbourhoods for most of its sporting fix.

“It’s far too hilly for a lot of outdoor sports,” Spero said. “You can’t play soccer on a hill, so a lot of the activity goes on in other communities.”

“But it does provide for some really nice views,” Stevenson added.

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