Vulcan Tourism calls it a “homecoming” of sorts.

Leonard Nimoy, known for his longtime role as Spock from the planet Vulcan in the original Star Trek series, will finally take the voyage home and land in the southern Alberta town of Vulcan on April 23.

“This is the culmination of how many years of dreaming and aspirations for the community,” said Vulcan’s tourism co-ordinator, Dayna Dickens.

“It’s a bit surreal.”

Nimoy helped the rural town of 1,900 hit the international airwaves last year when he lent his support to their bid to have the 2009 J.J. Abrams Star Trek film premiere in the town.

Paramount Pictures eventually held an advance screening in Calgary, and select Vulcanites were invited as guests of honour.

Dickens said along with a parade in Nimoy’s honour, the sci-fi star will unveil a bronze bust of himself for the town’s centre and his handprint will be cast in the famous “live long and prosper” pose. Nimoy will also be lending the town select personal memorabilia from his time as a Star Trek character.

“It’s the end of a really exciting journey and hopefully the beginning of a new one,” said Dickens.

Nimoy will be in Alberta as he is a key draw for the annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo festival April 24 and 25.