Nine young adults were taken into police custody following a seven-hour standoff at a downtown hotel yesterday morning.

Police were called to the Minto Suite Hotel at around 4 a.m. for an incident that was taking place inside a third-floor room.

Ottawa police duty Insp. Paul Gallant said as the event progressed, they had safety concerns for the people in the room, which resulted in an “elongated incident.”

“We did not have people inside the room that were readily coming out,” said Gallant.

Gallant added that officers had to ensure their own safety and the safety of the people inside before entering the room.

The initial call to police alleged there was a weapon in the room. Gallant said there was no assault with a weapon but an item was recovered.

Several guests staying on the third floor were moved to other rooms in the hotel.

Around 4:15 a.m., guest Isabel Leclair received a phone call from the front desk telling them there was a situation on the floor and they would have to leave their room.

The Brampton, Ont., resident said she had been woken up a short time earlier by loud female voices in the hallway, followed by loud male voices a short time later.

Corrina Force-Vandervenne and her daughter, Stacey, were also abruptly moved to a new room. Since they weren’t allowed back on the floor until around noon, Stacey missed her team’s semifinal game of the Gloucester Cumberland Girls Hockey Tournament.

The situation was finally resolved peacefully shortly after 11 a.m. Five females and four males were taken into custody and transported to a cellblock.

“This doesn’t mean that we’re going to have nine people charged,” Gallant said shortly after the incident ended.

“We have to sort out this event, consult with witnesses and so forth … once the investigation is completed by our detectives, that’s when we’ll know.”

The police’s guns and gangs unit is investigating. There were no injuries.

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