baby The mother and baby are doing fine. Credit: Colourbox

A 9-year-old girl in Chicago helped her mother deliver a baby at their home.

When Alyssa Meza's mother, Monique Meza, went into labor, Alyssa jumped into action and used skills she learned from watching TV.


Alyssa told ABC Local of her mother, "She said she felt the baby coming out and I told her to pushed the baby out, and I'll catch the baby. She got scared. And I catched the baby, grabbed the towel and wrapped her around."

It wasn't an easy delivery, either. Alyssa's sister, Aaliyah, was born with her umbilical cord around her neck. "I had to unwrap it a little and I ran next door to grab my neighbor because the baby was a little purple," said Alyssa.

That's when the neighbor called 911. Samantha Meza, Alyssa's aunt, told ABC that she couldn't believe her young niece had delivered the baby. She arrived on the scene after the delivery. She said, "The firefighters, they said, 'Your niece delivered the baby.' I was like 'No, she didn't.'"

The baby and her mother were released Wednesday from the hospital and are both doing well. Monique Meza said she's proud of her daughter. "I expected it from her, but not as much maturity that she has shown me, at her age; very mature," she said. "I know she has a bright future ahead of her."

This may not be the last baby Alyssa delivers: She told reporters she wants to be a paramedic.

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