The Nissan Forum offers a wide array of innovative ideas including trackless sliding side doors and multi-position swivelling second-row seats.


Nissan’s Forum, an exploratory look at the next revolution in family transportation, makes its world debut at the 2008 Detroit auto show in a couple of weeks.


Answering the challenge of making family vehicles more appealing to both drivers and passengers, the Forum offers a wide array of innovative ideas — from trackless sliding side doors and elimination of traditional B-pillars to an interior featuring a multi-position swiveling second-row seat and next-generation entertainment and family communications technology.

As its name suggests, the Forum is conceived as a ‘gathering place,’ bringing adults and children together in two independent but linked ‘zones.’

In front is the parents’ zone, with advanced information technology controls and seats designed to enhance driving pleasure. The rear zone is the dedicated kids’ space, where they can feel comfortable and entertained.

The vehicle’s design innovations include wide-opening front doors and no B-pillars — creating exceptional access to the second and third row seats. The front doors open 90 degrees, which combined with the long sliding side doors, create wide openings for easy entry and exit in all three rows. Another exterior innovation is the trackless sliding side door design, which offers a clean, uninterrupted, non-traditional profile.

Inside the sophisticated skin is where the Forum really comes alive. The leather-appointed, pedestal-style front seats and cockpit area — surrounded in rich aluminum and wood — offer ‘front cabin’ comfort and control.