A few months back, Matthew McConaughey was considering naming his unborn child after a beer. Now, he’s given up brewskies all together. According to Star Magazine, the dad-to-be is so determined to show pregnant fiancée Camila Alves that he’s ready for fatherhood, he’s given up beer. “It was a huge sacrifice, but Matt says his relationship is all about teamwork,” says a pal.

While the model didn’t ask him to stop drinking, she was “frustrated that she had to go on the wagon while Matthew continued to party.” It’s quite a change for the former party boy who once bragged to Conan O’Brien that his older brother, Michael “Rooster” McConaughey, had named his second son Miller Lyte in honor of his favourite drink. Matthew loved his nephew’s name so much, he often said he’ll also name his son after a beer, but the “old-fashioned” Camila wouldn’t hear of it. McConaughey and Alves’ little one is due in June.