Too many Albertans take clean water and sanitation for granted as far as Rainer Bronner is concerned.

That’s why the local activist has spent the last three years trying to bring awareness to the public about the damage dirty water is doing globally.

“There are more people dying on this planet from bad water and sanitation conditions than all natural disasters, wars, and gangland shootings combined,” Bronner said.

The third annual Water For Life celebration started March 20 and concluded yesterday on the steps of city hall with an outdoor concert.

The United Nations has declared 2005-2015 Water For Life Action Decade and Bronner is determined to make every March 22 in Edmonton a celebration of clean water.

“For the UN and other humanitarian groups, there is no bigger issue than water,” Bronner said.

“AIDS is a huge issue, war is a huge issue, natural disasters are huge issues but there is no bigger issue than water.”

Bronner, along with his humanitarian group, Raindance Rainboots, first started the local Water For Life celebrations in 2008 and has continued the festival for three years.

All proceeds raised through concerts and water-themed visual arts displays over the weekend will be donated to Partners in Health.