Edmonton motorcyclists who choose to defy a new noise bylaw by blasting their engines won’t get an easy ride from city cops, says a traffic division sergeant.

Sgt. Eric Theuser said police will immediately hand out fines to riders who rev up their engines louder than 92 decibels once the new law comes into effect July 1.

“The gross offender that we’re going after and targeting already knows that they’re going to be over,” Theuser told Metro.

“They’ve been driving around for years with their bikes making excessive noise. So will there be a need for these individuals to receive the benefit of a warning? I don’t think so.”

After pulling over a motorbike that a patrol officer believes is loud, city cops will place a handheld device at a 45-degree angle roughly 50 metres away from the bike’s exhaust system.

Theuser said the device will get a reading immediately after the bike is idling and after another test when the bike is at an rpm benchmark of 2,000 to 5,000.

“If we find a bike that we think is worthy of a test, that is what we will do,” said Theuser.

Police plan to host an “amnesty” event for riders to test their bikes at the South NAIT Campus on Saturday and Sunday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The event will give people the chance to test if their motorcycles meet industry standards.

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