Officials are looking into whether a party on the weekend was over capacity but say it’s likely there will be no criminal charges.

Insp. Bill Webb said police are looking into reports capacity at the Symons Valley Ranch party, dubbed Subculture, was only supposed to be 800.

The party promoters say 2,300 tickets were sold and police believe up to 2,500 people were at the venue.

“We’re still trying to finalize what the capacity was allowed to be, but obviously that significantly exceeds the occupancy load we believe to be,” Webb said.

Webb admitted the party was not actually a rave, despite earlier media reports, and said it was a large dance event.

“A rave is something particular under the bylaw and this event wouldn’t fall into that category.”

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) spokesperson Angelle Sasseville said they are investigating but couldn’t release any further details.

Many party attendees have taken to Facebook to voice their frustration at the event being shut down early and labelled a rave.