Opposition to concerts on the Halifax Common continues, even with one of the largest proponents of private events on the popular public green space out of business.

Connaught-Quinpool Coun. Jennifer Watts presented a petition of 2,135 names opposing concerts on the Common to Halifax regional council last night.

The petition, organized by Kenna Manos, requests “no more publicly subsidized-profit-driven concerts that prevent our use of the Halifax commons and the public green space be designated for the free use of all citizens.”

The petition was read into the record at council last night, with no discussion.

In March, Watts put forward a motion that wound up being defeated 21-2 to ban concerts on the North Common, suggesting the Garrison Grounds on the other side of Citadel Hill was a more appropriate venue.

Garrison Grounds can accommodate up to 30,000 people — more than the total number of concertgoers at this summer’s Black Eyed Peas show. Of the estimated crowd of 20,000 who came to see the Peas, several thousand didn’t even pay to get in, it’s been reported.

There was a total of two outdoor concerts on the Common this summer, “both of which could have fit quite nicely on the Garrison Grounds,” Watts said.

She told council the Peas show and a two-day country rock festival featuring Alan Jackson in August offered a learning experience for the municipality.