For three hours in secret, Halifax regional councillors debated their next move in negotiations with the province on the proposed convention centre yesterday.

“We continue to negotiate with the province to try to bring forward a completion of the negotiations,” said Mayor Peter Kelly.

Kelly said little else, as the details of the negotiations are being kept private.

Council voted 22-2 in favour of the project earlier this month, but they decided their response to the province in a closed-door meeting.

“When we deal with the HRM, when we deal with the mayor of the municipality, we want to be fair,” said Bill Estabrooks, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, yesterday. “We want to make sure he and the councillors are comfortable with what they’ve received. It can be achieved and it's going to be achieved.” Estabrooks said he is confident there will be a decision by deadline.

“We’ve had the co-operation and we’re going to continue to have it and we’re going to get a decision," he said.

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