A nice balance between traditional and modern creates broad appeal at Tridel’s Circa 2 Markham Town Centre development near Highway 7 and Town Centre Blvd.

Tridel interior design manager Stella Salvador avoided going trendy to instead embrace functional form in her design of the suite.

“The overall goal was to keep the design classic by bringing in contemporary colours but using classic furnishings. I wanted something that’s not overly traditional or overly edgy, just something that has clean lines and is very functional while still having that ‘wow’ factor,” Salvador said.

For inspiration and to create a unity of colour, Salvador looked no further than the kitchen itself.

“We definitely took our cue from the existing kitchen cabinetry and countertops. The tone in the draperies picks up the tone in the kitchen countertops and the brown tones in the suite pick up on the cabinetry. The colours in the space really do blend into one another,” Salvador said.

Reflective surfaces abound in accessories and accents throughout the space along with floral arrangements Salvador placed strategically to create a sense of warmth and move people’s eyes across the suite.

To make a strong statement, as well as the most of the 1,343 square-foot model unit, Salvador conspicuously avoided the mini-furniture of regular condo displays. The suite includes a formal TV cabinet, large dining table and a full-sized printed silk sofa to really drive home the point that you don’t have to downsize to move in.

“It’s all real-sized furniture. I wanted the space to show it can hold a lot of furniture and it definitely lets people know they can move in from their existing home and bring their furniture with them,” Salvador said.

A designer’s job is to meld creativity with function and Salvador’s ultimate goal was to create a space that appeals broadly while still feeling fresh.

“This is one of those projects that really has a wide demographic, so we went for an eclectic mix of furniture and kept tones warm and inviting so that it appeals to many people,” Salvador said.

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