Too distraught to attend court, the Calgary father of a slain teenager is “sickened” by the turn of events in the family’s quest for justice.

Natalie Pasqua won an appeal of her second-degree murder conviction earlier this year in the 2007 murder of 17-year-old Gage Prevost and yesterday the court accepted a guilty plea to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Gage’s father, Dale Prevost, is especially upset that Pasqua’s lawyer, Christopher Nowlin, is asking for time served.

Nowlin told reporters after court he believes his client has already spent enough time in custody and at will argue for her release, with conditions, at a Dec. 21 sentencing hearing.

“She will be with her children at Christmas while I look at a chest on my mantle of my son’s ashes. There is no Canadian justice system, only a Canadian criminal’s system,” Prevost told Metro in an interview.

“This is just too much to bear. There is no justice.”

Pasqua was originally sentenced to life in prison without parole for a minimum of 12 years but was granted an appeal in June from the Alberta Court of Appeal.

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