A week after Princess was stolen from her Mill Creek-area home, the bulldog puppy’s owners say the lure of a reward hasn’t proven enough to bring her back.

The 13-week-old dog was stolen from Lisa Topolinksy and Damien Boisvert’s apartment last week, along with thousands of dollars in electronics.

“It’s really tough,” Topolinksy told Metro Thursday. “Both Damien and I have big mood swings, just reminiscing and really just missing her.”

Topolinsky said she is worried about the dog’s health. Princess was recently placed on a breed-specific diet and diagnosed with an eye infection. Topolinsky said the pup could become seriously ill without proper care.

“We are hoping that she does get sick in a way, so that someone will bring her back,” she said.
Despite a $2,500 reward for the dog, there are no leads in the case.

Since her disappearance, approximately 600 people have joined a Facebook group dedicated to bringing Princess home.

Princess is multicoloured, but mostly red with a registration tattoo on her stomach. The couple is asking anyone who spots her to call (780) 909-6995.

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