She’s had her bike licence for five years and she’s finally ready to take the plunge and buy her first bike.

And Jennifer Bergan was just one of hundreds of women taking control of the bikes and decisions yesterday at the 2009 Calgary Motorcycle Show.

“I’ve noticed there are so many more girls here that are interested in bikes. It used to be wives and girlfriends and now there is a lot more girls on their own, wanting bikes for themselves,” Bergan said. “It’s cool to see we are taking control.”

Until now, the commerce student couldn’t afford to buy a bike. But now she can. “Oh, I’m so ready. I love bikes, they are hot, and liberating and just so much fun,” Bergan said.

Bike lovers flocked to the weekend event including Brian Salo, owner of four Ducatis, one of which he won in a contest — a pizza-eating contest.

The bike fan said he loves the freedom of riding and bought his first bike only four years ago.
“Riding is a tension release, you don’t think about the mowing the lawn, walking the dog or paying bills, you just focus on the road,” he said. “With Ducatis, it’s like a nice family feeling.”
Salo was happy to see the turnout at the weekend event. “Despite the economy, things are busy here and I don’t think it’s been affected too much.”

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