As you wave goodbye to roommates and their stuffed duffel bags, you can't help but feel a twinge of sadness as you realize you'll be all alone over the holidays, unable to get the time off work, or afford the flight home.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and hibernating in your bed all day, consider these tips to get through the holidays:

Start a new project
If you ever wanted to learn to bake, knit, dance, draw, scrapbook, wrap a present properly, or fix a computer, borrow books from the library or use the Internet. There are numerous how-to videos available online. Impress your friends and family by developing a new skill or showing off a finished product in the new year.


Throw a party
Visit the campus pub and befriend students who also weren't able to make it back home. Host a cultural potluck, having everyone bring a dish that represents their culture. You can decorate your dorm with streamers and a mini holiday tree. Misery loves company, and you may find comfort in having others to talk to.

Make a list of what you're thankful for
When you're feeling down, you may overlook all the blessings in your life such as your health, where you live, people who love and care for you, your education, your freedom, your job, nice weather, your memories, food and shelter, etc. When you're finished, post the list in a frequently visited space like your bathroom mirror or the wall next to your computer screen.

Share with others
Act on the needs of your community and your world. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food bank to help those in your neighbourhood who don't have anywhere else to go. Also remember to think internationally and help children in need around the world through an organization like Christian Children's Fund of Canada. You can purchase valuable, but inexpensive gifts like a mosquito net to protect against malaria, or a fruit tree to provide nourishment for an entire family.