Re: “Walking wounded,” Aug. 30:

I am always fascinated at how our government can’t seem to see the long term in issues.

I refer today to the issue of violence in our schools.


I should have been a victim of the “system” since I had all the criterias.

I am a single mother, low income and a minority here in Canada but instead I choose to live in a decent area which, by the way, is very costly. The area is a mixture of million dollar homes and rental apartment units.

The trade-off for me is that there are no programs at all in my area for after school and summer because it is not deemed “high risk.”

It is truly unfortunate that the young boys in my area are playing basketball during all kinds of weather on an old, worn out basketball court.

I believe they will continue to play there, unless maybe they get involved in violence and crime. Then the government will find them to be “high risk” and repair the court for them and offer more activities and programs.