He doesn't tote a pack of tarot cards or use a crystal ball.

A 27-year-old clean-cut Ottawa resident, Marc Jade doesn't fit the stereotype of a psychic medium.

"A lot of mediums look really scary," said Jade. "Most of the time, people think of an old woman with a crystal ball."


But, he said, don't let that fool you about his ability. This weekend, Jade will be doing what he does best — communicating with both Earth-bound spirits and the spirits of people who have "crossed over" as a headliner at the Ottawa Women's Show.

In his line of work, Jade encounters skeptics all the time, but said "it's important to be skeptical until something is proven."

The spirits are around all the time, he said. "They're walking down the streets, on planes. They'll just be doing things as if they were still alive."

Although most people can't see them, they can see us. Fortunately, most of them mean no harm, he said. "And they have a good sense of humour."

Despite the complications that working with the dead involve, Jade said "to see people's faces after they've been helped is rewarding."

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