The doors of Fish Creek Elementary School will be open today even after fire was set to a classroom during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police believe the fire was one of a series set around the southeast community of Sundance that morning, most of which were lit in garbage cans.

The school fire is thought to have been set around 3:30 a.m., said the acting inspector for the Calgary Police Service.

Duty Insp. Terry Larson said police believe someone either stuck their hand in and lit something on fire or something that was already on fire was thrown into the school.

“Well, the window was broken, but we’re not sure with what and as far we know no one obtained entry other than sticking their hand inside,” Larson said.

“There was one classroom that received a bit of fire damage and then it also had smoke and water damage and then there were four classrooms that had smoke and water damage to them,” said the spokesperson for the Calgary Board of Education, Ted Flitton.

Despite the damage, Flitton said the school would be operating without the use of those classrooms.

In total, police believe that there were at least six fires set and there are no suspects at this point.