The Internet connects people worldwide, but it can also reinforce community spirit. Lakeshore Arts is proving this on Monday by launching their new site, 1000 Acts of Art.

This site for South Etobicoke promotes art at both ends. Artists and art lovers will participate equally, building local cultural awareness in cyberspace.

According to Lakeshore Arts executive director Susan Nagy, the site is designed to expand further as the concept catches on.


“We want to promote local art and design by creating a directory, but that’s just the start,” explains Nagy. “Artists can upload their work and information about showings and performances. Everyone in the online community can comment. It’s going to be an organic, interactive process.”

Online, residents can critique what they saw, heard or read. Art lovers can also contribute through listing pieces of art.

They can catalogue how much art they’ve experienced, and challenge others to bump up their intake, too. Nagy freely admits Lakeshore Arts doesn’t know of every artist in town -- or every art fan, for that matter. The site’s community arts calendar will be one way to get more people meeting and talking about who’s who and what’s going on.

One of the first gigs viewers will notice online is Lakeshore pianist Frank Horvat’s Earth Hour concert, to be held March 27. The show will be held in total darkness, in keeping with the worldwide Earth Hour event.

“It’s great we have a platform for local shows now, and for arts-types to be more organized here, instead of everyone looking for their art experiences in the big city,” Horvat said.

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