Liberal use of grey permeates the Aricella model home at King Country Estates in Nobleton and the results speak for themselves in a space that oozes old-world elegance mixed with modern charm.

CountryWide Homes design studio manager Kelly Harvey took inspiration from 1920s grandeur and mixed in soulful grey tones to steer the suite to a more modern outlook.

“The design was a contemporary take on art-deco design. I also wanted to blend genres together — the furniture is traditional but what updates it is the crisp greys and polished chrome details so the finish is modern but the style is traditional,” Harvey said.


Rich espresso finishes on furniture and other details work with reflective surfaces to create a harmonious look that shows off the subtle power of grey to soothe and inspire while staying current.

“A lot of homebuilders use that ‘builders’ beige’ tone so I wanted to show people how putting grey in here can make the space restful and elegant. By introducing fresh grey, it makes the colour palette more modern,” Harvey said.

In the living room, which features a 22-foot high ceiling, Harvey juxtaposed light and dark to create a calming effect that made the space feel inviting despite its size.

“The living room was a real challenge because of its size. You almost feel dwarfed in it so I painted the back wall a dark navy blue colour and added mirrors to really help break up the look. With a wall colour so dark I wanted to make sure we still had things that reflect light in the space,” Harvey said.

The lowdown

King Country Estates
Builders: Countrywide, Rosehaven & Aspen Ridge Homes
Available now
Pricing: Detached homes on 50’ cul-de-sac to 80’ lots priced from the $700,000s to more than $1 million.

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