Vancouver is known for having some of the best outdoor recreation around, but the city also has a number of bars, pubs and clubs for patrons to visit.

If you are looking to buy in trend-setting neighbourhoods like Granville Street or Gastown, here are some things to look for.

Double-pane insulated windows are fantastic for noise dampening. In fact, they can cut out almost all the noise that you would normally hear when the windows are open.

If you discover that the condo has single-pane windows, find out if it would be possible to upgrade at your expense.

Next, check on the construction materials. Is it a wood frame or concrete building?

If the space you are looking at is in a building under four storeys — odds are it is wood frame.

Wood frame, low-rise buildings are some of the most popular because they tend to be more intimate than a large concrete high rise, but they are not as effective in keeping noise out. Ensure that the building has strict bylaws governing the underlay used with wood floors. The Strata Property Act requires homeowners to lay down sound dampening material below wood floors in condos to help protect against noise transfer.

If you are intent on buying the space, approach the strata council to see if you can also increase the insulation in your floors and ceiling. While this will be at your own cost, it will increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Finally, pay special attention to the strata minutes. If excessive noise is mentioned in these minutes, maybe this is not the building for you.

– Ryan DeLuca is a realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, and host of The Real Estate Minute on Novus TV;

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