Whether for Father's Day or any occasion, here are tips to make your outdoor picnic a success:


  • Pack non-perishable foods like breads and fruit separately from perishable ones. This will reserve cooler space for foods that really need it.

  • Pack food in the cooler in the order you intend to eat it. If you are digging down to the bottom of the cooler to get something you want to eat as an appetizer, the cooler will be open too long and dangerously warm the food remaining in the cooler.

  • Pack blankets, napkins, plates, cutlery and utensils together so items needed for eating can be easily found.

  • Items useful on a picnic, depending on what you're serving, include plates, glasses, cutlery, tablecloth, napkins, corkscrew, bottle opener, ice for cold drinks, ice packs for the cooler, serving spoons, kitchen knife and small cutting board, cleaning cloth, garbage bag, sunscreen, bug spray.