It appears as though Dave Nonis will only be out of work for as long as he wants to be.

Nonis has already spoken to the Maple Leafs, Blues and Thrashers about various positions within those organizations, but he would not say which clubs had made concrete offers for his services.

It is believed the Leafs are interested in hiring Nonis to work alongside interim GM Cliff Fletcher rather than offering him the actual title of general manager.

St. Louis is said to be looking for a replacement for soon-to-be-retired GM Larry Pleau with Nonis and former Stars’ GM Doug Armstrong the current front-runners for the gig.

And there are still rumours Don Waddell would like Nonis in the fold in Atlanta, though it’s unclear as to what position he would assume. In speaking with Nonis on the TEAM 1040 yesterday morning, he made it very clear that he is not going to rush to judgment.

The Burnaby native has a family-first approach and is not interested in accepting any job that would force his family to relocate to a city that is undesirable to live in. Based on the amount of attention he has already received, it looks as though Nonis can be somewhat selective as to which franchise he eventually joins.

>> The B.C. Lions have formally cut ties with local receiver Josh Boden. The 21-year-old was in the process of authoring a story of redemption following a troubled youth, but Boden’s uplifting tale was recently derailed when he was charged with domestic assault and theft.

Lions’ GM and head coach Wally Buono had taken Boden on as a project two years ago after convincing the teenager he had the skills necessary to turn his life around.
The athletic receiver unexpectedly made the Leos’ practice squad after just a single year of junior football, and last year found himself catching passes in CFL games.

Boden’s raw ability was so impressive there was even talk of working out for an NFL team. But somewhere along the way, the phenom neglected to fulfil the terms of the deal he had cut with Buono: Keep your nose clean, be a productive member of the community and we’ll help you make something of yourself.

Boden recently met with Buono and misled his boss about his involvement in the charges he is currently fighting. That was the last straw for Buono, who believes Boden still has a chance to resurrect his football career, but it won’t be here in B.C.

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