After two days of meetings with the Maple Leafs’ general manager search team, Dave Nonis has a much better idea of what the team’s GM post entails.

And it appears there now is a question of whether he even wants the job or if he will explore other options, of which there are several.

Nonis left town yesterday and is expected back for further talks with the interview team headed by MLSE president Richard Peddie and Toronto sports lawyer Gord Kirke. Little else is known under the cone of silence imposed by the Leafs, but sources feel Nonis will explore all his options — and possibly even wait a year before deciding — because Toronto’s offer is a complicated one.

The Leafs’ offer is believed to be an assistant’s post, which would allow Nonis to focus on his specialty — contracts, salary caps and legal issues. He would also help and advise interim GM Cliff Fletcher in hockey matters.

Nonis is expected back in Toronto later this week or after the holiday weekend, but it appears he will be exploring other GM options in St. Louis and Atlanta in the interim.

Fletcher looks more and more like the person the Leafs want to run the club as GM.