It’s supposed to move more people faster than its plodding counterparts on King and Queen streets.

But the TTC says a glut of traffic lights is threatening the vision for a new East Bayfront streetcar line running from Union Station, south to Queen’s Quay and then east along the lake.

The line, which is supposed to carry 70 per cent of the people moving in and out of the developing waterfront area, will be part of a radically different street design.

The streetcars will travel in both directions on the south side of Queen’s Quay and car traffic will move in both directions on the north side. But that means that traffic signals are needed for every driveway south of Queen’s Quay so cars can cross the tracks. The East Bayfront line is also supposed to be faster than the 10 to 12 kilometres per hour most city streetcars average.

The TTC projects East Bayfront will move at between 13 to 15 kilometres an hour.

But that efficiency is being threatened by as many as 20 traffic lights along the three-kilometre stretch of Queen’s Quay between Spadina and Parliament.