When Michael C. Hall won a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Television Drama, the Dexter star made no mention of cancer, but backstage, he told reporters that he was “on the road to recovery” after secretly battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, usmagazine.com reports.

“I had every intention of keeping it quiet, but because the award shows were imminent, I figured I’d make a statement,” said the 38-year-old actor, who said in a statement last week that he was nearing the end of his treatment and that his disease was now in remission.

He added, “It was nice to be able to make a statement with my treatment that I was able to assure people that I was really on the road to recovery.”

Hall also revealed an unexpected benefit of sharing his cancer story with the general public. “It is nice to have a justifiable excuse for accessorizing,” he joked of his black cap.

He told reporters that his Japanese hat was “pretty simple but maybe a little fancier than your normal thing.”