Lindsay Lohan has dismissed allegations she has been self-harming to cope with spiralling depression, insisting she is in a “wonderful place mentally, physically and spiritually,” reports.

The Mean Girls star sparked fears for her health after she was photographed with a red scratch on her inner arm earlier this month. But she insists the mark is years old — and she’s urging internet bloggers to stop speculating about her personal life because she’s never been happier.

She tells gossip website, “I’ve had that scar on my arm for a very long time now — it’s funny it’s just being noticed.

“I had surgery a while ago for an injury I had when I was younger, nothing having to do with depression or anything of the sort. Now back off, people! There are more important world issues to focus on!”

The star, who split from her on-and-off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson last year, was photographed embracing the 29-year-old during an event at L.A. fashion boutique Church in West Hollywood on Monday night.