A report of “jaw-dropping” pay cheques being received by Canada’s native chiefs and councils does not apply to the Millbrook Band, Chief Lawrence Paul says.

“Some chiefs get fantastic salaries but then they paint us all with the same brush like we’re all crooked,” Paul said, regarding figures released by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) yesterday.

“I know my people in Millbrook are not getting extravagant salaries like that. We wouldn’t be in office because they wouldn’t put up with it.”

The CTF said the information reinforces the federation’s call for greater transparency of reserve politicians’ pay levels and the need for reform.

“The numbers confirm what we’ve been saying all along,” CTF prairie director Colin Craig said in the report.

“Many reserve politicians are paying themselves exorbitant salaries while keeping their band members and taxpayers in the dark. This is exactly why we’ve been calling for transparency and reform.”

Craig said that the data “shockingly” reveals that one band councillor at a reserve in Atlantic Canada, with a population of 304 residents, was paid $978,468 tax free in 2008-09.