Robert Down­ey Jr. enjoy­ed his onscreen “bromance” with Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes, reports.

Downey — who plays the iconic detective in the movie — relished the chance to explore the complicated homoerotic relationship between Holmes and his sidekick Dr Watson, played by the Alfie star. He said: “I think the word bromance is so passe. We are two men who happen to be roommates who wrestle a lot and share a bed.” Law was also fascinated by the two leading men in the film, which is based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. “I knew enough about Sherlock Holmes to know that there was a lot of unchartered material,” Law told MTV.

“I knew Downey’s casting was going to be something exciting, and therefore the project was going to be something exciting.

“And as soon as I met him, we got on very well — which is a good sign — and we both agreed that we wanted to really make this a piece about the relationship between Watson and Holmes.”