Some of the party leaders' greatest hits.

  • “What you would see with the NDP is having the same two people negotiating on the same side of the table.”
    Rodney MacDonald on the NDP selling out to unions.
  • “This is going to be the great legacy of the Conservative government. The reality is that despite the fact they talk about balanced budgets they produced a budget that ran the province deeply into deficit and debt.”
    Darrell Dexter on the Conservative legacy.
  • “There’s been all kinds of challenges and each and every time this government says they’re going to do an internal review. Well that’s one long review. The longer we wait, another person decides they’re going to leave and walk out.”
    Stephen McNeil on the justice system.
  • “We’d all love to cut every tax. We’d love to eliminate the fuel tax. But the reality is we need those dollars for our roads.”
    Rodney MacDonald on why he’s opposed to lowering the fuel tax
  • “I seem to remember Mr. McNeil saying he was going to get rid of this fund. He’s changed his mind now; maybe that’s just a matter of inexperience.”
    Darrell Dexter on the Liberals abolishing the Industrial Expansion Fund
  • “It simply can’t happen. There is no way there is a single Nova Scotian today who believes that they can balance the budget.”
    Stephen McNeil on the NDP honouring promises
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