ID thieves are targeting Americans in large numbers


Taxpayers are getting nasty surprises when they go to file for their federal tax refunds: Someone has done it for them.

The latest identity victims? Three people in Norwood, Mass., where cops have taken to social media to warn locals.

And there will be millions more this year.

The IRS for 2013 paid out $5.8 billion in fraudulent refunds, reports Forbes, and from 2011 through October 2014 has stopped 19 million suspicious returns, preventing $63 billion in illegal refunds.


“Generally, you will not know you are a victim until you try to file your own taxes and get the bad news,” Norwood police said. “The IRS will often send a letter stating that more than one tax return was filed using your SSN.”

Here are there tips on what to do if you’re victimized:

1)Complete IRS Form 14039 , an ID theft report.

2)File a report with your local police and with the FTC .

3)Contact the credit bureaus.

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