• The Liberals vowed to provide free tuition to 100 students at Dalhousie Medical School who would then practice in under-served parts of the province.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil said his party’s plan would help areas of the province currently scrambling to provide doctors. McNeil said many doctors will continue to practice in Nova Scotia after their five-year commitment is done.

The plan involves providing free tuition to 20 medical students for each of the next five years.


• Premier Rodney MacDonald said his government would increase the volunteer firefighters tax credit.

The credit of $250 was first introduced in the 2007 budget. That was increased to $375 last year and expanded to include ground search and rescue teams. The Conservatives plan to increase the credit to $500 this year.

The Tories say the credit will involve a total savings of $4.8 million. There are about 800 volunteer firefighters in Nova Scotia and 1,700 members of ground search and rescue teams.

• Two leaders’ debates have been announced for the election campaign.

The first will take place May 19 at the CBC Studios in Halifax with the second set for June 2 from the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck. CBC and the Chronicle-Herald are sponsoring the debates.

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