Re: "Top Model show teaches respect — Reader’s letter," Mar. 29:


I was frightened to read the terribly naive opinion on this controversial episode that posed these young female models as victims of gruesome murder.


The writer feels that this episode drew attention to the issue of violence against women, but I fail to see how asking models to pout their lips and pose provocatively on satin sheets with strangulation marks around their necks does anything to benefit abused women anywhere.


The writer is correct that the show does "teach" women of all races to "embrace their beauty." We also know there is a proven link between violence and the sexualization of women and girls in the media. A show like this only perpetuates the idea that women are objects.


It sounds like the writer has, fortunately, never seen the inside of a women’s shelter. These women come in the middle of the night with broken bones and three crying children in tow. They are not wearing haute couture dresses or draped in diamonds.

There is nothing beautiful about abuse.