Consumer confidence is on the upswing in Nova Scotia, according to a recent poll by Halifax-based Corporate Research Associates.


The survey conducted from Aug. 6 to 31 reported Nova Scotia’s Consumer Confidence Index jumped to 98.2 from 86.6 from the last poll conducted in May.


The CCI is derived from a series of five questions related to the perceived state of the provincial economy, household economic situation and conditions for major purchases. It also takes into account assessments of economic conditions presently and in the upcoming year.


For Atlantic Canada, the CCI now tops 100 points at 101.3, up from 92.1. For the four Atlantic provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador has the top CCI at 111, followed by Prince Edward Island (99.8), New Brunswick (98.6) and then Nova Scotia.

A total of 1,507 adults were polled in the survey, which is accurate within 2.5 percentage points, 95 times out of 100.