Nova Scotia Power filed an energy conservation and efficiency plan for 2010 with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, requesting approval for $23 million in conservation program spending.

NSP said the Demand Site Management Plan is aimed at helping customers cut back on energy use and save money on their power bills.

The application -- which came at the request of its regulator, the UARB -- is seeking approval for $23 million and outlines methods for allocating program costs and ensuring fixed costs are recovered.


The UARB has scheduled public hearings to review the plan starting June 3.

“All of this work is related to a study that was done a couple of years ago of how should we best meet the electricity needs for Nova Scotia going forward,” said Alan Richardson, vice-president, commercial, for NSP.

“The conclusion was that the most economical, as well as the best for the environment, is to basically ramp up in a big way our investments in energy efficiency, conservation, as well renewable generation.”

NSP says the 2010 plan expands on programs offered since last year, including promotion of energy saving appliances and energy efficient lighting and electrical conservation retrofits.

Margaret Murphy, spokesperson with NSP, said this plan isn’t a determining factor for power rates in 2010. She said it’s “much too early to speculate where bills are going.”

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