race update

In the ninth leg of the race, from Santa Cruz to Panama, Glasgow: Scotland with style continues to hold on to a slender lead as both Hull & Humber and New York push the team hard in the light and difficult conditions. In addition to the lighter winds, most skippers reported they also had to deal with thick fog Monday.

“We’ve had some great sailing over the last 24 hours in a mixture of weather conditions,” said Marcus Cholerton-Brown, skipper of Qingdao.

Nova Scotia, however, sailed in glorious conditions yesterday, sitting fifth in the race.


Westernaustralia2011.com has dropped behind the leading group. Liverpool 08 is hopeful that a decision to stay offshore will pay off, but the closer the teams get to the southern tip of Baja, Calif., the less likely that appears.

Expecting a fast run down the coast of Mexico is Durban 2010 and Beyond. “The course is good, and I am expecting more west in the wind tomorrow, which should give us a better apparent wind angle and resultant speed,” said skipper Ricky Chalmers.


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