The federal government announced yesterday it has signed a contract to purchase 15 Chinook helicopters from U.S. aircraft group Boeing for about $1.2 billion, a move that will have a direct impact on the Nova Scotia economy.


The contract announced at IMP Aerospace in Enfield also includes 20 years of support and maintenance valued at $2.2 billion.


Boeing issued a press release that said they’re committed to re-investing the full contract value into the Canadian economy, with more than US$76 million going to companies in Atlantic Canada, such as Nova Scotia based IMP, Dalhousie University and Apex Industries.


A federal government release said an independent analyst found the contract will generate benefits for local economies and will create 5,500 jobs across the country.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said in a release the contract should make sure the national military is “a first-class, modern, flexible force capable of defending Canada and Canadian interests at home and abroad.”

Boeing will deliver the first aircraft in July 2013. The CH-147F Chinook helicopters will allow the Canadian Forces to access remote areas and “challenging environments inaccessible by land transport or fixed-wing aircraft,” the release read.