Martha Stewart will host a Haligonian artist on an upcoming show.


Michelle SaintOnge was invited to demonstrate some of her silkscreening skills during a live taping in New York on Feb. 11.


“I was ridiculously thrilled,” SaintOnge said. “It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the word out there that I’m doing this. Many people don’t ever get that chance.”


When asked if she’ll talk up Nova Scotia like actress Ellen Page did on David Letterman’s show, SaintOnge said, “Hell, yes!”


SaintOnge submitted a proposal to a producer of the Martha Stewart show soon after launching a handbag line in the fall.

“Just after Christmas, the producer said she really liked my last proposal and she was going to pitch it to Martha. The very next day, I was booked.”

SaintOnge calls Stewart the “matriarch of the do-it-yourself movement.”

“She’s pretty important to everything I’ve been doing the last little while.”

Since she has to pay her way to New York, Saint-Onge’s friends have pitched in and are holding a raffle to raise money for the airfare.

Once she’s at the NBC studios, SaintOnge will be teaching Stewart and her television audience how to make their own silkscreen frames from household materials, like an old picture frame or curtain sheers.

“Then we’re going to do a project based on my artwork.”

Viewers will be able to download a stencil SaintOnge designed, then use their homemade frames to print it onto a tote bag or T-shirt.

SaintOnge, who took animal behaviour psychology at Dalhousie University, said she focuses on animals for the majority of her designs.

“I find inspiration in animals,” she said.

“I find them really funny and as far as subject matter, they’re more entertaining than flowers.”