For years Nova Scotia has been steadily losing its population to Western Canada. But a new report by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council shows that trend may reverse as more former Nova Scotians look to come back home.

“What we observed in the latter part of 2007 is those trends (of people leaving) were softening. It’s not enough yet to say this is a shift in terms of coming back into the region. But we think there’s enough evidence there to suggest we need to be asking whether this might start happening,” said APEC President Elizabeth Beale, who wrote the report on employment Beale thinks new Nova Scotian jobs, a struggling Ontario economy and the desires of ex-pat Nova Scotians to return home are all factors.

Jean Nadeau, General Manager of, agrees.


The job site lists positions in Atlantic Canada and routinely polls its users for career data.

Nadeau says they’ve seen more people from outside Atlantic Canada coming to their site, and many of them cite a desire to return home on their profiles.

“The number one driver for people wanting to come back to Atlantic Canada is for lifestyle reasons,” said Nadeau. “Our users tell us they want to raise their kids here, they want to be closer to home and they want the lifestyle.”

Nadeau said the site has seen a recent increase in particular from people in Ontario looking to move east.

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